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Monday, October 17, 2016

Plan or NoT tO pLAn

As salam..
Ehehe..kembali lagi..
Serabut pale pikir haaa..
Sebab ape?how to bayar utang bagai nie..
Cmne nk tambah income n so on..
Kepala aku ni tengah dok pk..biz emas..
Actually..dh lame dh ak berminat..n wanna do it..
Tp x brape nk cukup duit ak..huhuhu..
So berkubur mcm tu sjorkk..
Btw..membe lab aku pon dah start haa perniagaan online haaa..
Perniagaan ape?Berasaskan Wax haaa..
Actually thats is my idea..aku  adalah org y perkenalkan produk tu kt membe aku nie..dalam pale..mmg terpk nk jual..unfortunately..ak x buat2..then, membe ak tertarik laa..since x de lag y jual kan..so, die nk try..so she already move one step forward..but me..still at the same step..not moving..just stay..huhuhuhu..
Then, today I decide to make a move..but I think I wanna be a better person first! Only me y tahu what my first step..muahahahaha..
N I decide to be her dropshil only..for now..huhuhu..
So, in my head..already a plan..want to do that..want to do this...
Pray for my plan will success soon..hehehehe..
Hope I will become businesswomen soon..have my own biz..hv to working hard..have to learn..a lot of step I have to take..a lot of knowledge I have to grab..n more2 thing in my plan..
Hope..I will succeed n achieve all my plan inside my head..ehehehe
Please pray for me k 😉😉😉
Okeyh..just need to stop here..
Will update soon..
Sorry for not so english in this entry..
Im still in learning process..n please guide me..ehehe..to whom  I refer? U laaa..who is reading this entry..ekekeke
K laaa..sebelum mengarut ntah ape2  need to go first..tata 
Have a nice day u'olls..
Hepi working..
As salam😉😉😉

Pssttt: piccas is not related with this entry. As usual..x best if xde pic..ehehehe..

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