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Friday, February 11, 2011

mY pROjeCt ExP Is BeGIn!!

as salam..^ ^
ok, skunk ak n share psl pe y berlaku tad..
today is my first day..im doing research!
n im still newer researcher..ceeewaah!!!
haaaa, kisahnye cmni..
plan asal my sv nk strt kol 9 a.m..tp da halangan y x dpt nk elak..makanye, tunda ke kol 9.45 a.m..
so, q n intan pon gerak la around kol 9.45 a.m..act q y lmbt..hahahaha..
o9 sampai x prasankan mase!..huhuhuhu..
then, sampai2 cne terus check in..*dah mcm g hotel la plak*..hehehehe...
amik brg2 @ apparatus..then, gerak ke lab y khas wat kitorg..*vangga kejap..almaklum, first batch..hehehehe*
x lame pon tunggu SV..sbb mase dah sampai kt pintu lab, kelibat SV q pon kelihatan..
masuk lab je, terus nk p basuh brg2 tu..tp, q x dpt wat immediately sbb SV dh strt briefing..huhuhu..
then, tangguh dulu la basuh bagai my apparatus..ohh, utk pengetahuan sume..project nie adalah sendirian berhad..makanya, apparatus oso sendirian berhad..i means, we get 1 set of apparatus for each person..so, nnt x yah la gado2 n berebut2 brg..^ ^ *dh mcm knk2 la plak lagaknye..huhuhu*
pastu, q pon meneruskan kerje2 pembersihan..tp x sempt q abes lctrr dh terangkan psl method plak..tp q abeskn dulu la basuh2 bagai tu..hehehhee...
ermmm..q lupa la nk snap my own apparatus n oso im didn't check the apparatus..
mne la tau cukup ke..o da y kurg ke..huhuhuhuhu..

after briefing bagai..maka, kami pon strt la menjlnkan exp..
1. kami kena sediakan stock solution in bottle about 100 mL..
2. pastu stock solution tu kena transfer ke dlm falcon tube..
dua2 nie balut ngan aluminium foil..sbb chem adalah silver nitrate..
3. after that, we heat water in beaker..then, small beaker contain silver nitrate n HEC n water..
put it in water..then heating..make sure use stir magnetic to mixture all of them..

but our exp was FAILED!
that is because of purity silver nitrate!!!
for the first, we predict maybe the water is still contain Cl n it is low quality..
then, we think maybe the silver nitrate stock solution maybe contaminated..
when, we use the high quality water..*from milipore water*..we still face the same prob..then, we move to test the purity of silver nitrate..n u know? it is true!!
the prob is come from PURITY of silver nitrate..
the conclusion here is, we have to use the highest purity for our chemical even though its price is more expensive..this is due to get more accurate value n oso observation..
n one more IMPORTANT thing, we have to CAREFULLY when do some weighing, reading or any observation..that is to MINIMIZE the human error that may causes some error..

ouhh, that is such a WONDERFUL experience i get for the first time in my life!
so that, i want keep it here as one of my journey experience..
it will be the memories for my whole life..

“If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not working on hard enough problems.”
- Frank Wilczek
If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves. 

-Maria Edgeworth

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. 


Time is like money, the less we have of it to spare the further we make it go. 

-Josh Billings

k laaa...stakat nie nk share tu je..
x de gmbr2 la plak..huhuhuhu..
tad lupa bwk camera..
akn dtg akn q upload gmbr2 psl my research..
mood: berkobar2 + semngat nk buat exp ag..^ ^

tata..as salam..
have a nice weekend.. 

~SilAKan cLICk2 kT HEaRtBeaT saYa k..^ ^ ~


Anonymous said...

wow~ amazing~~~
part yg ko speaking n terangkan method yg ko gune 2 aku blur kejap...maklomla, da lame x bermain ngn bhn2 kimia ni..hehe~
anyway, GUD LUCK~!

~conangirlz~ said...

hahahahaha..x pe2..lagpon, ak nye speaking lintang pukang..huhuhuhu...
ak hentam je..hahahaha...tu y ko x brape fhm..huhuhuhu...