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Thursday, February 24, 2011

LaB ExPeRIMeNt 4 ~ Sem 6 - 2011!!

as salam..
haaa...dh lame q x menaip n3 kt cnie..rindu la plak..hehehehe...
ok kali nie nk tepek gmbr fresh dr ladang..
bru je snap td..hehehehe..
moh le layan gambo2 ini..

act nie ada lah exp ke - 4 q utk sem ini/ thun ini..
exp nie sgt simple..
tjuknye adalah "Properties of Solid and Its Adsorption of Copper Ions from Aqueous Solution"

1. masukkn kire2 5mL of 1g/L copper solution dlm conical flask..then, fullfill the conical flask 50mL with distilled water..then, shake it to homogeneous the solution..
2. repeat step 1 for another volume which are 7.5mL, 10mL and 12mL..
3. then after finish the step, we weight around 1 g of adsorbent and mix it wif the each of the solution that we prepare b4..our group get decanter cake for the adsorbent..
3. we place the flasks on the orbital shake..we have to take sample for each concentration after 0, 20, 40 n 60 minutes and place it on micro centrifuge tube...after finish 60 minutes..we move the sample of each concentration to centrifuge in 5 minutes in order to form the precipitate n to avoid us from take that precipitate..
4. take 1 mL of the solution for each solution and dilute with 9 mL distilled water..then add a drop of HNO3..
5. analyse with AAS instrument..


see..simple kan??
tp oleh sbb nk tunggu turn utk wat analysis lame..makenye, dr sekejap jd lame..=(
elok2 leh abes awl jad lmbt gara2 iteww...
ermmm...itu sje laporan utk ari ini..hahahhahaha..
so, skunk nie kena study utk test pd esok ari..test natural product..huhuhu..
then, esok gak..q plan nk kuar..tp owner keta tu tidak membalas2 msj q..T.T
jad nye..nie y wat q mls nk kuar nie..huhuhu..ri sabtu n ahd, q x nk sentuh..sbb q nk concentrate pd test nexr week..
test orgnc-28/2/2011..
test inorgnc-3/3/2011..
pastu next week after test tu q g KL! ..yeayyy!!!
utk ape q g KL?? nntikan kt n3 pd 12/3..nnt q akn cterkan ea..ngeeee~~~~
k le..sampai cnie dulu..tata..
as salam..
have a nice day! and also hv a nice weekend day!
^ ^

utk penutup, jom layan the picas..=)

sekian tayangan gambar..
jumpe len n3..
adios, amigos.. 

~SilAKan cLICk2 kT HEaRtBeaT saYa k..^ ^ ~

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