~~MaRI cLiCK kT cNiE KlaU nAk JOin HeArtBEaT ^ ^~~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

wHAt BErRy Do YOu ThiNk yoU aRE??

assalamualaikum sumer...
tajuk kt atas cm best x??
actually, ianya satu game, jwb soklan je..sgt best..
klo tgh tension2 je, bleh enjoy jwb2 soklan tu..ngeee~~

"Play the fun quiz today and stand a chance to win a limited edition BlackBerry exclusively from DiGi.
Share with your friends what berry are you on your Facebook and check out tons of other Cute Berry Characters!
Trust me, you will definitely play this more than once, because it's just too addictive to stop! Share the fun today!"
ok, tu je ak nk share...
enjoy n have fun k..have a nice day!!
daaaa...assalamualaikum..^ ^

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