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Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Blues is Always!

as salam..
how r u?hope everything will just fine!
hurmmm...talk bout work, it wont finish untill die perhaps!

pic from mr google!

arghhhh, monday blues always come up when the monday day is coming..
act i thing im just got little bit boring being a staff for my current company..
it is just im fed up wif d environment..
before thz i already story bout one of my officemate is look like hate me..very hate i thought!
she is my senior..even though, i more senior in this company compare to her..
but im more junior in working field..i mean, experience, i more junior compare to her..
i do noe what is my mistake to her..
if there mistake i do,she will talk to our lab tech n d lab tech will tell me!
why not she talk to me straight away?
we always meet in the lab..but she like to running away instead of walk around me!
it that sound weird right?
but it happen to me..
before thz we good..but i dont noe what my mistake that i do n end up like thz..
at first i admit..im very stress wif thz situation..
im oso cry when i think bout thz..

yeah..i agree wif u! -pic form mr google-

but im motivate myself..i pray n i pray..talk to Allah..doa n all that..
n then, i talk to myself..She Never Worthy for every single drops of my Tears!!!
from now, i dont ever allowed my tears just for her!not worth it!
not anymore!
that is my 'azam'..
i cant get the correct word to use..eheheheh...

yeah..so true!!! ~this cute bb pic from mr google!~

ok, lets finish up my mengarut now..
before it become ntah pape..better i stop now!
see yeah!
have a nice day peeps!
happy monday!

~SilAKan cLICk2 kT HEaRtBeaT saYa k..^ ^ ~

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