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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Football: Kelantan vs Pahang

as salam...
how r u today?hope stay healthy okay?
hurmm, right now my abah n my brothers is watching football game..team kelantan versus pahang..
i dont noe which team will get the Malaysian Cup..it that true Malaysian Cup?
ahahahaha..i dont noe..
who ever be d winner i dont care..hope there is no fighting happen after that game finish..
when the game start, it still rainy..but now mayb the rain already stop..
i believe all the player is exhausted..due to rainy day today..
so, hope they all still have energy to still playing till the end..

pic form en google!

go go go chaiyok to both of them!
for me, i willing to sleep instead of wathing football game!
im not die hard fan fot footbal game..but once i being d supporter, i will support them like crazy..ehehehe..

okay, till then..now i want to iron my cloth for tomorrow..
hepi working peeps!
see yeah!
have a nice day!

as salam :)))

hupdate: pppsssttt...pahang already win d game!!!
congratz to pahang.. :)

~SilAKan cLICk2 kT HEaRtBeaT saYa k..^ ^ ~

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