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Monday, March 14, 2011

.:CoLOr cHAnGiNg PIgMEnT:.

as salam sume..
haaa, nie le tajuk ass y q wat tad..emosi x stabil..hehehehe..
ok, meh q nk kongsi sikit..bleh je klo nk lebih..tp erkk, paham ke korg?hehehe..
ok2, lets start..

ass nie da dua soklan..
1. Color changing paints are paints that can change the color under certain conditions.
-         - Describe each type of these paints which are available in the market.
-         -What are the active materials in each type of these paints?

2. Most paint can last up to 4 years because of the reaction with light O2 etc.
-         - Describe at least 5 additives in paint to prolong their lifetime.
-          -Give example for each class of additives.

1. There are 3 main types of pigment that involve in the color change technology:
1.      Photochromic pigment
2.      Thermochromic pigment
3.      Electrochromic pigment

2. There have 6 additives:
      1. Anti corrosion
      2. Anti-skinning additives
      3. Drying agent
      4. Photo initiator
      5. Biocide
      6. Light stabilize.

sume nie kena terngkn..q mls nk letak sumenye kt cnie..kang penuh plak page..hehehehe..
haaa..dah selamat atas meja prof pon..prof, sorry ekk, lmbt anta..hehehe..
klo prof y bce nie, agk2 markah lebih x? kikiki.. :P
hurmm, k le..just nk share pe y ilmu q dpt..hurmm, nnt len kali da y menarik mengenai subjek q akn hupdate lag..k daaa..
as salam..

~SilAKan cLICk2 kT HEaRtBeaT saYa k..^ ^ ~


Pai said...

bertambah ilmu aq...

~conangirlz~ said...

hahaha..ye, mari2 same2 tmbh ilmu..huhuhu..